Re: trick or treat batty! resub

Jabberjaws13 suggested a change in the shirt color to help make the design stand out so I tried it and it looked better so here it is in Heather Gray instead of Asphalt.

[and reposted from previous entry]
And I know this is the same concept as the design I submitted 2 years ago but it is a completely new design. The previous one was only in 72dpi, had more than 6 colors, and was formatted incorrectly in Photoshop so I completely redrew and redid the design while making a few (but nothing major) changes. I feel i's a different enough design especially since it's not like I slightly altered a previous existing file which most resubmissions are. It's a completely new file drawn from scratch. But ultimately it's up to Woot and I did consider that this might get rejected but thought it would pass but we'll see.