Derby #125: Birds

"That bird gots hisself an ear"

"That bird gots hisself an ear"
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At first, I thought what the bird was holding was a shell of some sort - then I read the title O_O
Question though - how many colors is this?
I'm counting 7 at a glance, but my perception might be off because of the subtlety and how the colors compare next to each other.


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incredible shirt design. absolutely outstanding.


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I'm counting 7 colors, and they don't all look like the pantone colors offered. Nice picture though...

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It's a tragedy that this shirt didn't make it to the fog. It's absolutely exquisite. The ear calls to mind Cezanne's ear in his early portraits. And the beautiful but vicious bird really captures the duality of man and beast. I also like that you're carrying on the multi-colored animal motif from last week's piece. Clearly the people who didn't vote for you have never read Quine's (1951) Two Dogmas of Empiricism.

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