Derby #139: Madness

'till death...

'till death...
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quality posts: 0 Private Messages KromeHWI
Re: 'till death...

um... so yeah... i figured there needed to be at least one comment even if it were from me... the guy what drew this silly little number...

ah love... aint it just the greatest? sure it is! its the bomb! but just dont let it become the chain that binds... it should free you from all that bull gristle, or some such thing...

or is that just a load of crazy talk?



quality posts: 48 Private Messages mjc613
Re: 'till death...

Don't not wear this shirt during your marriage counseling


quality posts: 0 Private Messages SnowQueenVT
Re: 'till death...

I really like the ring, very nicely done!

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