Derby #139: Madness

Shadow Madness

Shadow Madness
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Re: Shadow Madness

Shadow Madness.


quality posts: 16 Private Messages Drakxxx
Re: Shadow Madness

Hah! Great design. Love the characters and idea.

Shadow Madness was a really fakon PS1 game.


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Re: Shadow Madness



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Very cute!


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Re: Shadow Madness

Can you buy the derby shirts? or do they have to win? I want so many! >.<


quality posts: 7 Private Messages paigeg
SpikyRose wrote:Can you buy the derby shirts? or do they have to win? I want so many! >.<

Sadly, you can buy only the top three finishers after the Derby. The following Monday (or when they get around to it), Woot puts out a list of Honorable Mentions from the derby. They then compete against each other and HMs from other derbies and, again, the top three print.
If there's something you really want and it may not/doesn't print, PM the artist and let them know you'd like to know if the design is submitted/printed elsewhere. That's the best you can do. Plus I'm sure it gives the artist a warm-fuzzy. :D


quality posts: 15 Private Messages genericsmith
Re: Shadow Madness

I love this shirt... If it doesn't get an HM (It should) please submit it somewhere else.

I want to buy a copy for my wife. She'd love it.

Munchy Attack If you can find the name of this artist & real song title I'll buy you a daily woot shirt (your choice what day)

Dystopia Dark Lager, Where the Wild Parties at?, B.A. Bearacus, and many more wanted in XXL(PLEASE!!!)
Edgar Allen Poe shall remained headlock'd until Nevermore is reckoned.

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