Derby #140: Things That Start With the Letter S

Sinfully seductive

Sinfully seductive
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quality posts: 69 Private Messages Draug
Re: Sinfully seductive

The coils don't really jive well. If you try to follow their curves, it doesn't work. And the tail end clutching the apple...what is that? It looks like a second mouth, the way it's wrapped around. o_O

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quality posts: 0 Private Messages SnowQueenVT
Re: Sinfully seductive

Pastorroy! I really hate snakes but I love this shirt!! I would WEAR this shirt!! It is so cool!! Excellent Job!


quality posts: 0 Private Messages KromeHWI
Re: Sinfully seductive

snaaake, snaaaake, ooooooooo it's a snaaake!

badgers badgers badgers.... wait no... not badgers....



quality posts: 10 Private Messages runnerfrog13
Re: Sinfully seductive

I like the colors and the curves in the snake! The one thing I am concerned with is whether the big composition will look jagged or pixellated. It is difficult to tell from your shirt comp.

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