Derby #143: Earth Day

green redneck

green redneck
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I though what i could do to help the environment, so here it is. My ideal way of life for somebody who lives in a trailer and has a big pick up truck: Solar electricity for the house and an electric fueled truck. A big plus is that rain water collector he has by the side of his trailer.
Enjoy it!!


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Re: green redneck

Nice mullet!


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Re: green redneck

Too funny and too cool!


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Haha pretty creative!


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Re: green redneck

I love the concept and it looks great on the shirt.


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Re: green redneck

In the spirit of thatrobert's BLAs, I've decided I want to recognize some derby submissions that didn't cut the mustard. Can't promise I'll pull this off every week (I would LIKE to), but I felt that some folks who put it out there deserved some added attention...


This means you are definitely NOT going to get printed following this Woot Derby.

But it also means that you
A. Subbed a great first effort
B. Subbed a design that for some reason just didn't rock the vote
C. Got Rejectionated but should definitely try again and/or re-sub in a more appropriate derby or as a daily
D. I like you

Take it for what it's worth - just wanted to give you a nod for the effort and make sure you keep trying. Rock on!

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