Derby #143: Earth Day


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Re: Resnakele!

A combination of the classic recycle symbol and the Ouroboros, symbol of the snake eating its own tail representing the cyclicality of nature. Add some distress for visual texture, and tada!


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Re: Resnakele!

You did great with this one. The use of snakes combined with the common recycling symbol is awesome! I love recycling and snakes and therefore love this shirt.


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Re: Resnakele!

Very funny mashup, interesting too and very wearable. Also reminds of today's (mondays) shirt.woot! Good luck!


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Re: Resnakele!



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I love the Resnakele! shirt design.

Of all the designs, this one is the very best!!

I love snakes, they are important to our enviroment.

This shirt says it all. Not cluttered, simple and to the point.

I want to commend whoever designed it, you did a great job.

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