Derby #144: How Do They Work?

How Golf Balls Forever Find The Water Hazard!!

How Golf Balls Forever Find The Water Hazard!!
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What causes Golf Balls to always find the water hazards? Well a long time ago, a clan of Viking raiders set to oar, in search, to find and punish Loki. But Loki tricked them and turned them into Viking Gremlins, dividing up their forces, and condemned their souls to eternal clubbing by their arch rivals - “The Scots.” Forever stuck inside, “Golf Balls,” their hearts yearn for the open water to again raid and plunder. And how do the dimples work, you ask? This is were the dimples come into play: Golf Ball Dimples are really portals were the Vikings thrust out their oars whenever a water hazard is present and using the wind and their paddles as wings, - cause the Golf Ball to hook or slice for the water. But the curse grew even bigger than Loki's intentions, when the world adopted the sport of Golf. This is just a little known fact!


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Re: How Golf Balls Forever Find The Water Hazard!!

I see you're not getting any commentary on this one. Probably because it's really not apparent what anyone is looking at. Without your description, I really didn't get it. Actually, I still don't, visually. There's just not enough detail to see that those are rowing Vikings. Also, I can't tell at this level of detail, but it looks like you're using gradients, which is sure-fre rejectionator bait. Good concept. Just needs work.

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