Derby #147: Double-Take Derby Nine

Keepin' it cool

Keepin' it cool
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quality posts: 225 Private Messages Spiritgreen
Re: Keepin' it cool

Still awesome. I'd wear this all summer.

GMV, radiomode!


quality posts: 20 Private Messages lucky1988
Re: Keepin' it cool

excellent! +1


quality posts: 0 Private Messages AllenWhite
Re: Keepin' it cool

Oh please print, id buy this in a heartbeat! Votes!


quality posts: 31 Private Messages thatrobert
Re: Keepin' it cool

  • Congratulations on winning a Best Loser Award!
  • This is not SPAM.
  • Winning a BLA does NOT mean this shirt won't print -- I'm hoping it does.
  • Your one and only gift is this crappy little badge in your shirt thread. Enjoy.
  • Best friends, yeah talking 'til the daylight...


quality posts: 0 Private Messages derekw432

i so want this shirt!! i hope it prints.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages jwinogra
Re: Keepin' it cool

Hahaha, this one just cracks me up! And beautifully done!

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