Derby #149: Psychedelia


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quality posts: 8 Private Messages alexmdc
Re: Crossover

love this!


quality posts: 48 Private Messages mjc613
Re: Crossover

Reminds me of Rene Magritte


quality posts: 0 Private Messages maskedmallard537
Re: Crossover

I love this idea. I would have liked to see a little screwing around with the perspective of those diamonds but still definitely vote worthy.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages Tsumayouji
Re: Crossover

Clean and nicely done. The only thing that might make it better would be if you have an astronaut peeking in the side of the space side. A close up of his helmet and a hand reaching out sort of thing. And maybe some small birds in the background of the sky side to balance it. Right now, it's intriguing and a good contrast, but a bit shallow. An astronaut and very small birds in the top right might add more depth/intrigue.


quality posts: 281 Private Messages Spiritgreen
Re: Crossover

I like this, the cyan gives the Eschereque design a modern punch. I can see why Tsumayouji suggested having an astronaut or some other touch of life in there, but the pure coldness of it has its own attraction too.

Very nice, TYH!


quality posts: 0 Private Messages JRWorkshop

nice placement

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