Derby #149: Psychedelia

broccoli jam

broccoli jam
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Re: broccoli jam

This is amazing.


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Re: broccoli jam

The liquid notes may be hard to print. It almost looks like gradients. I recommend you take this great idea, and make the colors of the "rainbow" more distinct


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PotRoastPete wrote:This is amazing.


Monica and Rachel steal my TV Guide every week!!


quality posts: 52 Private Messages vladistov
Re: broccoli jam

I like it. The only thing I would prefer personally is that the whole image be confined to the upper-half of the shirt, perhaps with the 'music' curling around the musician. I realize that would somewhat spoil the design but I am very particular when it comes to graphic placement, being of the opinion that full-coverage graphics do justice to the art itself but not to the apparel. Judging from the submissions, it would seem this is probably just me.


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Re: broccoli jam

Is this shirt for sale?

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