Derby #157: Reinterpreting Famous Art Titles

The Thinker (Neuron Forest)

The Thinker (Neuron Forest)
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Re: The Thinker (Neuron Forest)

Nerve cells or neurons form a branching network called neuron forest. I depicted that "brain" forest as a symbolic forest with Rodin's Thinker being a central figure and animals surrounding him representing thoughts and feelings.

Animals have such a symbolic value in all religions and beliefs so for example owl is of course wisdom, bird is hope, snake is there as positive and negative- healing, renewal, deceitfulness, spider is creative power, snail is persistence, rabbit is intuition, fulfillment, balance, butterfly is patience, fish is happiness and freedom...


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Re: The Thinker (Neuron Forest)

I love this. It reminds me of the attic black figures on greek amphoras. I will definitely buy this if it prints!


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Re: The Thinker (Neuron Forest)

I kind of love the stark quality of this design, especially with the concept you're going for.


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Re: The Thinker (Neuron Forest)

Amazing <3

I'm a Neurobiology major and this is beautiful. It's a beautiful design for an amazing concept. I think it'd look great on a shirt-- +1

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