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Crumpled Pucker

Crumpled Pucker
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Re: Crumpled Pucker

Crumpled CARMINE Pucker.

How did you do this?


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Re: Crumpled Pucker



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Absconder wrote:Terrible.

I am sure the artist was able to learn a lot from such a valuable critique...

If you can't provide anything constructive feedback, then just move on without saying anything. Comments like this doesn't do anyone any good (well, aside for making it publicly know that you can be a jerk).


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mjc613 wrote:Crumpled CARMINE Pucker.

How did you do this?

This was remarkably easy. I Google searched "crumpled paper" and picked a large image, then I used Inkscape to trace it in like 4 or 5 shades of gray. Then I cut the layers into the pucker shapes.

Then it was a matter of picking colors that went well together, which as you know if you've been following my efforts (and really, who hasn't?), isn't a real talent of mine.

I am waiting for someone to post the original picture of crumpled paper that I used so that I may get rejectioned by the rejectionator.

Have a nice day, mjc613!

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