Derby #169: Phobias

Brontophobia inducing image

Brontophobia inducing image
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quality posts: 3 Private Messages radiomode
Re: Brontophobia inducing image

you draw some the best characters


quality posts: 0 Private Messages studio1172
Re: Brontophobia inducing image

Wonderful as always Lucky! Got my vote!


quality posts: 231 Private Messages Spiritgreen
Re: Brontophobia inducing image

"Brontophobia: An abnormal and persistent fear of thunder that causes undue anxiety even though sufferers realize that thunder itself poses no threat to them"

Heheh! And executed with a brontosaurus no less. Brilliant. ^__^



quality posts: 6 Private Messages megsck
Re: Brontophobia inducing image

i want this sooooooooo bad. please please pretty please! =) +1!!!


quality posts: 1 Private Messages emberisle
Re: Brontophobia inducing image

Damn. I want to bestow extra votes for your spot-on depiction of Vincent D'Onofrio as Thor!


quality posts: 0 Private Messages JRWorkshop

hahahahaha cool art!


quality posts: 16 Private Messages skippykj
emberisle wrote:Damn. I want to bestow extra votes for your spot-on depiction of Vincent D'Onofrio as Thor!

I somehow want this shirt more now


quality posts: 20 Private Messages lucky1988
Re: Brontophobia inducing image

thanks everyone!


quality posts: 2 Private Messages manikx66

Strange but in a good way


quality posts: 0 Private Messages aXio
Re: Brontophobia inducing image

stab the art. I don't understand how a shirt like this isn't higher then some of absolutely horrible designs i constant see getting high votes.


quality posts: 7 Private Messages paigeg
Re: Brontophobia inducing image

I'm reminded of Hagar comics...


quality posts: 0 Private Messages chunkydesign
Re: Brontophobia inducing image

Another great character from you. It´s interesting that I see it as a mixture of diverse references, but in the end it still manages to be unique.

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