Derby #171: Meat

Everyone's a Wiener

Everyone's a Wiener
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quality posts: 39 Private Messages BootsBoots
Re: Everyone's a Wiener



quality posts: 0 Private Messages mscrankypants
Re: Everyone's a Wiener

+1 Great design!!!


quality posts: 0 Private Messages sideadde
Re: Everyone's a Wiener

Quite prolific this derby, eh? You must be a meat expert... ;)


quality posts: 236 Private Messages kylemittskus
Re: Everyone's a Wiener

As a MOT, I find this shirt offensive. Unless they're Hebrew National.

"If drinking is bitter, change yourself to wine." -Rainer Maria Rilke

"Champagne is a very kind and friendly thing on a rainy night." -Isak Dinesen


quality posts: 98 Private Messages bassanimation
Re: Everyone's a Wiener

I want to be a wiener! Sausage Fest 2010, here I come! Wonderful job on the textures and colors, Boots .

There actually IS a sausage fest going on not an hour from me. (oddly enough in the same town where the Unicorn is the high school mascot...)


quality posts: 1 Private Messages jxchen
Re: Everyone's a Wiener

This is amusing and well done. My only crit is that the red balloon is a bit large and empty. It almost seems as if it is missing an element. Other than that, this is very good.


quality posts: 6 Private Messages megsck
Re: Everyone's a Wiener

i love the colors and the feel of this one, although i hate sausage fests, unless we are talking about actual sausages, then i love them.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages traviswho
Re: Everyone's a Wiener

my dad used to say that he bought lottery tickets to hear that he's not a wiener...


quality posts: 50 Private Messages Jestik
Re: Everyone's a Wiener

oh, THIS is well done!

and besides from the obvious meat-cooking pun I've just thrown down, it really is a great shirt. I have voted, and I hope it will skyrocket to the fog!



quality posts: 7 Private Messages brockart
Re: Everyone's a Wiener

I wish the balloon had some more texture on it. It looks a little flat compared to the rest of the artwork. But awesome shirt!


quality posts: 2 Private Messages jabberjaws13
Re: Everyone's a Wiener

this is hilarious!

Happy Beer.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages Hammylink
Re: Everyone's a Wiener

Looks like you're on a roll... with mustard and sauerkraut and grilled onions and of course bacon.



quality posts: 18 Private Messages sacrerouge
Re: Everyone's a Wiener

Out of your three entries, this is my favorite. I hope it was not subbed too late to print, and that it rockets up to the fog


quality posts: 45 Private Messages fishbiscuit5
Re: Everyone's a Wiener

I would totally wear the hell out of this. Nice job, Boots!

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