Derby #171: Meat

Meating of the STATES

Meating of the STATES
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quality posts: 7 Private Messages paigeg
Re: Meating of the STATES

I don't think anyone really gets this. I know I don't. I mean, I get the pig with the US map on it (don't appreciate NY/New England being missing!). But why does it suddenly turn into a chicken/turkey's butt? I can't decide if the "Big One" finally hit the west coast, or I'm missing some pop culture reference.


quality posts: 7 Private Messages MadamAtom
Re: Meating of the STATES

I'm right there with Paige on the big "Huh?"


quality posts: 2 Private Messages leprechaungirl
Re: Meating of the STATES

Yeah I don't get it either... plus poor Kansas is somewhere up that turkey's... well you know where it is.

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