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Caterpillar Cat

Caterpillar Cat
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quality posts: 174 Private Messages DianaSprinkle
Re: Caterpillar Cat

"The Caterpillar Cat"

The elusive caterpillar cat. It eats all the food, plays with all the toys, and ruins all the furniture before molting and disappearing into the night.

Or as sometimes happens, getting stuck in the house,flying around a light forever and needing to be chased out with a broom.

Glad to see this one back up again. =D


quality posts: 18 Private Messages kinzoku
Re: Caterpillar Cat

Sooooo cute. I love that mutant kitty.


quality posts: 602 Private Messages bluejester
Re: Caterpillar Cat

This must get top three! I absolutely love the freaked out kitten underneath the Caterpillar Cat.

GMV +1


quality posts: 1 Private Messages kliniczny
Re: Caterpillar Cat

I love it...


quality posts: 0 Private Messages theGrape
Re: Caterpillar Cat

the story of my voting life - my choice never wins ;~{

I LOVE this design


quality posts: 6 Private Messages megsck
Re: Caterpillar Cat

i super duper love this shirt! congrats on the recent print with bass btw, i was on vaca so i was too late to grab a war pig shirt, but i will definitely be picking one up from the reckoning.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages cosmiccelery
Re: Caterpillar Cat

Awesome! Love this one.


quality posts: 3 Private Messages Gally242
cosmiccelery wrote:Awesome! Love this one.

I sooooo hope this gets an editors choice. I love it so much!

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