Double-Take 11


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quality posts: 69 Private Messages Draug
Re: Calypso

I always did like this one. I hope it gets an EC. :D

The enemy's gate is down.
Writers are people too! (Albeit strange ones.)
Save Poe! Reckon Nevermore! Or he'll be head-locked forevermore!


quality posts: 5 Private Messages stardamsel
Re: Calypso

Aw, thanks Draug! :-D


quality posts: 0 Private Messages elmosuperman
Re: Calypso

Great work, as usual:-)+1


quality posts: 7 Private Messages tortamus
Re: Calypso

So nice to see this wonderful art again. If I could have only one print from this double-take, I'd have this.
If it prints, I'm buying two. You hear me, WOOT? That's $20! Now THAT'S walkin' around money!

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