Derby #180: Complementary Colors

A Better Cat Trap

A Better Cat Trap
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Re: A Better Cat Trap

Big Ears McWiskers XIV (mice aren't very good at coming up with names) has nearly completed his newest invention - the robotic bulldog! Soon the days of cowering in fear of the dreaded death beast know only as Princess will be over.

Orange and blue on black

I tried to get the most out of my two colors by using negative space. The glow of the dogs eyes and the light of the welder cast everything in high contrast blue and orange light.

I'm using three different halftones in this design. A gravel based halftone for the dog, a fur based halftone for the mouse, and traditional dot based halftone for the dogs eyes and the welding flame.

Comments and suggestions appreciated!


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Re: A Better Cat Trap

Haha, nice! :^)

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