Derby #180: Complementary Colors

TV Wonderland

TV Wonderland
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quality posts: 0 Private Messages avhienda01

Spot saved for close ups
Happy New Year everyone!


quality posts: 20 Private Messages lucky1988
Re: TV Wonderland



quality posts: 0 Private Messages Andy47240
Re: TV Wonderland

This is really cool. I always like your style.


quality posts: 4 Private Messages skirochester
Re: TV Wonderland

this is pretty great.. and has far less votes than it deserves!


quality posts: 9 Private Messages chumpmagic
Re: TV Wonderland

Would have loved this in an orange and blue (that just a personal preference), but I can't ignore this design's awesomeness. You still got my vote


quality posts: 39 Private Messages BootsBoots
Re: TV Wonderland

This is awesome. I love the business and details.


quality posts: 6 Private Messages midgerock
Re: TV Wonderland

this is a pretty sweet design! so much detail going on and deserves more votes! I guess people hate white t-shirts here because I can't imagine why this isn't getting more attention.


quality posts: 33 Private Messages thatrobert
Re: TV Wonderland

  • Congratulations on winning a Best Loser Award!
  • This is not SPAM.
  • Winning a BLA does NOT mean this shirt won't print -- I'm hoping it does.
  • Your one and only gift is this crappy little badge in your shirt thread. Enjoy.
  • On a hippie trail, head full of zombie.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages avhienda01

lucky1988 - Thanks!
andy47240 - Thank you very much, I'm glad you like my style
skirochester - Wow, thank you.
chumpmagic - I was thinking about orange and blue first, but I thought a lot of people were going to be doing that combination, so I decided to try out yellow and purple and ended up really liking it. But thank you very much for your input! And for voting for it too!
bootsboots - Oh, thank you~
midgerock - Thank you! I don't know if it could be the shirt color or the color combination, or those 2 things combined, or maybe neither. You never know what will fly around here. Thanks again though, I appreciate the support.
thatrobert- Thank you so much for the BLA!

Thanks for voting guys!


quality posts: 98 Private Messages bassanimation
Re: TV Wonderland

Gah, I'm so sad I missed this til now! This is awweeesooome! I give it a late +1. I hope you consider resubbing this to another site later on, it's such a great design.

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