Derby #182: Fire


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Re: Fireball

A fireball is an explosive burst of flame, which detonates with a roar and delivers damage proportional to the level of the wizard who cast it - 1d6 points of damage for each level of experience of the spellcaster (up to a maximum of 10d6)...

- From the 2nd Edition Player's Handbook

4 colors on black


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Re: Fireball

Looks really good on the shirt. GMV


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Re: Fireball

Looks so nice in the shirt! great work!


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Re: Fireball

there it is! looking awesome
i summon firey death! massive fireball. must be high level


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Re: Fireball

Disclaimer: Not to be used underground or in confined spaces. ^__^

Cool design graff'!


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Re: Fireball

This reminds me of the Sun from the old Dark Sun AD&D setting, I really like it! Sort of reminds me of Brom a little bit too. Nice design.

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