Derby #182: Fire

Second Hand Smoke

Second Hand Smoke
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quality posts: 4 Private Messages skirochester
Re: Second Hand Smoke

haha... very clever


quality posts: 0 Private Messages wolfwoodxlv

This is brilliant. I need 5 of this shirt for every day at work. Boss wastes time and smokes in your face!


quality posts: 2 Private Messages uniique
Re: Second Hand Smoke

very clever and nice weathering+1


quality posts: 10 Private Messages expo01
Re: Second Hand Smoke

Super fun Phil , voted.



quality posts: 0 Private Messages wburke4
Re: Second Hand Smoke

wish you would have made it in...this is the only shirt i enjoyed from the derby this week, the rest look like a 2nd grader designed them and who wants to wear a dragon on their shirt

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