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CD Burner

CD Burner
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Does anyone still burn CDs anymore?
Yes, of course!

Thanks for your help chumpmagic and lkackman. I'm still fidding with the groundplane, and will post an alternative version (with wood grain, maybe on black with bottom placement) to this thread soon for opinions.

As always comments, criticism and suggestions very welcomed.


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Re: CD Burner

love the character. that done stack looks extra crispy. how'd you know i look like that? ;D +1GMV!


quality posts: 2 Private Messages uniique
Re: CD Burner

whoa i just visited your blog & there are some awesome designs. really like that ^ "Scientific Dinos" ^ and ^ "Lonely At The top" ^ (love that one!). You should submit that ^ "Herb, the Vegetarian Dragon" ^ for this theme. it's spot on


quality posts: 3 Private Messages Leahbh
Re: CD Burner

I like it! I think the placement is a little too high, but it's cute! I think the floor looks great.


quality posts: 98 Private Messages bassanimation
Re: CD Burner

Been waiting for this one to show up. Such a good concept, and great coloring work. I dig the subtle crosshatching :D. +1


quality posts: 6 Private Messages theinfinityloop
Re: CD Burner

This is clever and I like the little details.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages ruffleshaveridges
Re: CD Burner

this should be getting more votes!

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