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Grease Fire

Grease Fire
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I can't tell if the colors are wonky at this time (need my other laptop). So for now, I'll settle for you kindly folks lettin' me know if something looks off.

Also, I greatly dislike 'Grease'. If only all that combing had generated enough spark to catch the whole movie on fire...


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Re: Grease Fire

Sandy: I'm going back to Australia; I might never see you again.
Danny: Don't... don't talk that way, Sandy.
Sandy: But it's true! I've just had the best summer of my life, and now I have to go away. It isn't fair.
[Danny starts kissing her]
Sandy: Danny, don't spoil it!
Danny: It's not spoiling it, Sandy, it's only making it better.
Sandy: Danny... is this the end?
Danny: Of course not; it's only the beginning.

how can you not love that? ;p jk
colors look fine from here. love how the fire looks just as surprised as the doo-wop ditty +1!


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Re: Grease Fire

Haw haw! :D

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