Derby #182: Fire

Take Your Kid to Work Day

Take Your Kid to Work Day
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quality posts: 21 Private Messages cmdixon2

I had a little free time while I waited for some stuff for work to download and I couldn't resist doing something this week. I hope you like it!


quality posts: 36 Private Messages odysseyroc
Re: Take Your Kid to Work Day

Great work as usual! +1


quality posts: 1 Private Messages blammoed
Re: Take Your Kid to Work Day

How cute and menacing haha. I like the silhouetted forest, very nicely done.


quality posts: 74 Private Messages PixelPants
Re: Take Your Kid to Work Day

When you post a design, I always make myself comfortable and spend extra time looking over your designs cmdixon. Really like the way you create a tender moment out of a funny concept. The drawing and finish are sweet.


quality posts: 7 Private Messages marzipanapple
Re: Take Your Kid to Work Day

I like this. A lot.
Giving the fire that shape and then putting them on an innocent walk through the forest. It's just perfect.

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