Derby #186: Oddball

the fourth evil

the fourth evil
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quality posts: 6 Private Messages megsck
Re: the fourth evil

speak no evil, hear no evil, see no evil, AHHHHH!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!! GET IT OFF!!!!


quality posts: 5 Private Messages kaedex99
Re: the fourth evil

Speak no evil, hear no evil, see no evil ... GROPE NO EVIL!? I'm disturbed and amused and I like it. -xD

By the way, I love that bearded lady in your signature. It always catches my eye when I scan through comments. -:D


quality posts: 0 Private Messages carmelpixie
Re: the fourth evil

I really like this one. Nice take on the "three evils" idea. :D


quality posts: 1 Private Messages motorwerks
Re: the fourth evil

ROFL I just lost a mouthful of coffee...


quality posts: 2 Private Messages manikx66
Re: the fourth evil

if this prints i just might have to buy one


quality posts: 7 Private Messages paigeg
Re: the fourth evil

Scanning are derby thread, i saw a sketch with the fourth monk partially cut off and was afraid.
Whew! funny, and more harmless than i'd feared.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages npromero
Re: the fourth evil

I'm give'n you a + more cause I like your comment than I do a super creeper monkey, and cause you always do crazy quality work.

Here's to fight'n the good fight.
+ uno


quality posts: 0 Private Messages cherylfrancis
Re: the fourth evil

I love this!! I want one so might help to deter anyone attempting the grope on me. Nice!!

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