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Werewolf Astronaut (V2 - resub)

Werewolf Astronaut (V2 - resub)
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quality posts: 282 Private Messages Spiritgreen
Re: Werewolf Astronaut (V2 - resub)

I wasn't happy with my original sub so I'm replacing it with this new version. Color changes make it easier on the eye and I made some line and lighting upgrades too.

Thanks to everyone who commented before! If you already voted, then please vote again.

Here are some details:

You can see a BIG VERSION here.

Thanks for looking ! And special thanks to everyone who's supported my designs and given me feedback, help and votes over the past year. I've really enjoyed my time designing on Woot. This is my 52nd entry in a row, so I am 1 year old today. ^__^

This is six colors on black. Please vote if you like this design!

Your pal,


quality posts: 5 Private Messages FlyingMouse365
Re: Werewolf Astronaut (V2 - resub)

Nice use of halftone!


quality posts: 6 Private Messages megsck
Re: Werewolf Astronaut (V2 - resub)

this is what would really happen if a werewolf were on the moon.

still love it! +1


quality posts: 23 Private Messages lucky1988
Re: Werewolf Astronaut (V2 - resub)

Looks fabulous, especially the moon surface. +1


quality posts: 1 Private Messages Lagbert
Re: Werewolf Astronaut (V2 - resub)

Very nice upgrade! The werewolf looks a lot meaner now. GMV +1


quality posts: 0 Private Messages npromero
Re: Werewolf Astronaut (V2 - resub)

My favorite part of the shirt is that he's throwing a golfball at the Werewolf. Ha ha ha


quality posts: 282 Private Messages Spiritgreen
Re: Werewolf Astronaut (V2 - resub)

@megsck, hey that's by that cool Puzzle Agent guy (Telltale games). Someone posted that on my deviantArt too, but I'd never seen any space werewolf action before this week. And I thought I was being original. :p

@flyingmouse', thanks! I've been trying to rely on halftones less but it seemed to work here.

@lucky1988, :^). Yep the moon was fun to draw, I'm trying to get a better handle on textures and distressing.

@Lagbert, thanks! The werewolf was just way too dark in my first sub. I didn't realize until I looked at it fresh on Saturday morning. New monitor throwing me off. :p

@npromero, not very effective huh? :D


quality posts: 55 Private Messages fishbiscuit5
Re: Werewolf Astronaut (V2 - resub)

Voted again with pleasure!


quality posts: 25 Private Messages tjost
Re: Werewolf Astronaut (V2 - resub)

Haha, I love the one astronauts vain attempt to throw a pebble at the beast Nice work +1


quality posts: 74 Private Messages PixelPants
Re: Werewolf Astronaut (V2 - resub)

I like your solution to showing expressions through a visor and the moon surface looks good on the shirt placement Spiritgreen. Congratulations on your full year of submissions with a great variety of ideas and styles while maintaing such a consistently good standard.


quality posts: 282 Private Messages Spiritgreen
Re: Werewolf Astronaut (V2 - resub)

That's very, very kind. Thanks PixelPants!

I have been through a lot of different styles in the last year. ^_^ I'm thinking now that this particular design would have been more fun if the proportions were exaggerated a lot more. I'll try to develop that in future.

@tjost, it's a golf ball - but yes, not very effective against a werewolf. Especially the direct-lunar-contact, super powered, space-breathing variety. :p

@fishbiscuit, thanks fishy!

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