Derby #186: Oddball

Arrrrgh You Ready?

Arrrrgh You Ready?
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quality posts: 11 Private Messages nblottie
Re: Arrrrgh You Ready?

Sorry for the late entry folks, new job meant crazy week. Here's my 6 color entry into this weeks derby. Hope you dig it!


quality posts: 71 Private Messages walmazan
Re: Arrrrgh You Ready?

Nice work in this one! I love the colors too!



quality posts: 6 Private Messages midgerock
Re: Arrrrgh You Ready?

Love you color palette choices each week. Not sure what's going on. The scene is definitely odd but not sure how it fits the theme this week. Are they playing dodgeball?


quality posts: 0 Private Messages jensblackeyedsusan
Re: Arrrrgh You Ready?

Love this! I definitely felt like the other dodge ball teams in middle school had 8-armed students. And I love the fact that the parrot was nailed first. "Polly wanna crack- SPLAT!"


quality posts: 0 Private Messages cherylfrancis
Re: Arrrrgh You Ready?

Beautiful illustration...great colors.

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