Derby #188: Double-Take Derby 12


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Re: TriceraTops

Were You Aware?

Living triceratops would have had anywhere from 432 to 800 teeth?

Were You Aware?

Tops have long been used as a means of divination?


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Still want this for my son, it's so cute! Usually I don't really like thick outlines but it really works in this piece.


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Re: TriceraTops

Why isn't this getting more love? I NEED this to print. Editor's choice, please?

Imposter Pete was Unprepared for the Almost Human Nightmare Cuckoo Clock. The Walrus and Eggmen were the Height of Envy at the Monkey Bar. See the DJ spinning records on a Flora Phonograph while simultaneously playing Rock, Paper, Scissorhold.


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omnitarian wrote:Were You Aware?

Living triceratops would have had anywhere from 432 to 800 teeth?

So you're off by a factor of 216 to 400?

At first, in the T derby, I rejected this shirt, but, after exposure to it, that rejection turned into uncontrollable need. Sounds like a psycological problem or secret brainwash patterns in the image.

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