Derby #194: Science Fair

Worst. Science project. Ever

Worst. Science project. Ever
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Re: Worst. Science project. Ever

Trying to pass off your sea monkeys as a science project isn't going to get you anything but an "F" in this science fair.


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walmazan wrote:haha! +1

heehee... your "sombreros" are in my thread. :D


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Re: Worst. Science project. Ever

I did a google, before this derby, on "Sea Monkeys." Mainly to copy the 50's style art for my cartoon (which, i nailed. Smudgewarpin gradients. I just learned to use them so I was "showin' off!)

I thought, there is no way on Pluto that-that woot would happen, here, unless I changed my tag to Rammy (but I like being a dog). I went to their actual website and the term, "Sea Monkeys" is a Registered Trademark. The "Concentration" (a TV Gameshow before your time) word-puzzle presentation is absolute ingenuity. I'm so jealous all I can sea id green monkeys.

I hope this prints because it transends the Science Fair, yet epitomizes it. Ihis is minimalist gold! No .....Paladium!

Kudos, mon amee! Le perfect subtrefuge ala mode. I hope you win! I give you all 4 of my VOTES! hehehee.
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