Derby #197: Royalty


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quality posts: 4 Private Messages ressamac
Re: Tiara

I admit it. I love tiaras.

Thumbs of the tiara and the tones.

Thanks for your vote!


quality posts: 0 Private Messages celia1
Re: Tiara

Nice, but I think the thumbnail should show the cranberry shirt color. Sorry, be prepared for the rejectionator


quality posts: 0 Private Messages backliteyes
Re: Tiara

Simple and pretty.


quality posts: 1 Private Messages lrgillilanmartin

Is the shirt cranberry or red???


quality posts: 5 Private Messages heartflux
Re: Tiara

It's a tiara!... for my boobs!

I woot, therefore I am.


quality posts: 1006 Private Messages ThunderThighs


heartflux wrote:It's a tiara!... for my boobs!

Hey! Who stole the +1 button!?! I want to vote this comment up!

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quality posts: 4 Private Messages ressamac
Re: Tiara

Thank you for the comments!

celia1, I went on a trip shortly after I posted so all I could see the entry on was my iPad so I didn't know what you were talking about. I can see it now.

backliteyes, thank you, that is what I was going for.

lrgillilanmartin, it is cranberry.

heartflux, and they are worth it!!!

ThunderThighs, seconded. If I had been home I might have been tempted to rename to Boob Tiara.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages SnowQueenVT
Re: Tiara

The delicate lines that are barely showing look nice.

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