Derby #198: Shirt Titles Reinterpreted

Inspired By Night of the Puppets

Inspired By Night of the Puppets
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Re: Inspired By Night of the Puppets

This is awesome. GMV!


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Re: Inspired By Night of the Puppets

The art is great, but it might be a little too gross/disturbing for most people here.

If it were gross but involved zombies somehow, it would be very popular. I don't know if zombies are allowed for awhile though.


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Re: Inspired By Night of the Puppets

I'd buy if I could wear it at work... is gruesome but funny I think people get away with zombies more cause they are pass the violent part of death and are just decaying.. I've been learning that direct humor is taken in the wrong way to often. It's okay for some one to say they would send your annoying fat room mate out into a mine field but I got in trouble for saying good idea after the legs are gone you can still roll whats left to set off more mines.

In this case dead stuffed animals would be okay or the skeletons. Even just limp animals with the dead X eyes, open none dripping wounds or a few bits hanging out. The dripping blood is the part most people close their eyes at in the rated R movies.

kind of Sirius GPP that most jokes are only okay if you leave the punch line up to some ones imagenation. Cause some times they just don't come up with a horrible enough ending.


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Re: Inspired By Night of the Puppets

Yes, it may be too bloody. My intention was to show that the cat only wanted to play, was not his intention to harm

Thanks ;)

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