Derby #198: Shirt Titles Reinterpreted

Inspired by Teamwork

Inspired by Teamwork
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quality posts: 0 Private Messages SnowQueenVT
Re: Inspired by Teamwork

Cute!Nice artwork too.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages hankescu

It's cute now that I realize what I'm looking at- the heads almost look fused...


quality posts: 9 Private Messages sTyLeS
Re: Inspired by Teamwork

Yeah, they definitely look like Siamese twin puppies.


quality posts: 7 Private Messages laggyg
Re: Inspired by Teamwork

Very cute! Too bad it's such a late sub =( GMV anyway! Yay puppies! =D


quality posts: 12 Private Messages grrlmarvel
Re: Inspired by Teamwork

Nice work, getting some good votes despite the late entry. Now just crank it out sooner!


quality posts: 0 Private Messages blupixie
Re: Inspired by Teamwork

Thank you for all the comments and feedback! This was my first submission and I'm excited to try again next derby

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