Derby #202: Anthropomorphic Food

You've been targeted for baconation

Baconator is a registered trademark of Wendy's

Rejected because: Baconator is a registered trademark of Wendy's

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Re: You've been targeted for baconation

While wendy's may have a trademark on Baconator. Trademarks do not work in the same way Copyrights do. It's very unlikely someone would get this shirt and the Baconator sandwich confused. That is what trademark is designed to protect. It would stop someone else from using the name on a similar product. So Burger King can't come out with a Baconator sandwich, and you could not sell a shirt that had a baconator sandwhich on it, but you can sell a Baconator shirt that is a parody of the terminator. Additionally, this would not be protected under copyright law because the one word "Baconator" is not included in the list copyrightable works. Just thought you might want to know that.

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