Derby #202: Anthropomorphic Food

The Masher

The Masher
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quality posts: 17 Private Messages dooomcat

I was trying to think of simple things this week having never drawn anthro food before... but it looks like you need to have a pop culture ref or you aren't going anywhere... back to the drawing board


quality posts: 0 Private Messages bottlehed
Re: The Masher

Haha, this is quite funny, the expressions totally sell it!


quality posts: 60 Private Messages bluetuba
Re: The Masher

That exactly why pop culture refs need to be perma-banned, stifles creativity!

Vote delivered! Mashed taters taste better when they've been brutally murdered. Just like lobsters!

"You can't just dress a Minion like Spock, and add a caption that says "Logical Me". There's a prison for people like that. Below my house."


quality posts: 10 Private Messages blanked
Re: The Masher

With the red outline the wire masher looks like is is red hot. But then again who likes cold mashed potatoes.


quality posts: 4 Private Messages dijay
Re: The Masher

Great Work!!!


quality posts: 4 Private Messages teacookie
Re: The Masher

facial expressions are priceless

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