Derby #202: Anthropomorphic Food

Dawn of the Produce

Dawn of the Produce
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Re: Dawn of the Produce

how do I vote!?


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blakeybean wrote:how do I vote!?

You need to have bought a shirt in the past in order to cast a vote.


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Re: Dawn of the Produce

You've drawn these characters -really- well, timidfish but they don't show up too great on a white tee.

Have you tried silver or slate? Seems like something darker would be appropriate for zombies. :^)


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Slowly, I'm realizing white wasn't the best choice. I feel I've let down zombie food everywhere.

I'll try to change the color. For my first entry/t-shirt design ever I was bound to do something wrong.

Thank you for the tip, I'll remember it for next week.

Amazing designs by the way.

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Whoa there buckaroo!

If you wanna vote, you need to first. Be sure to using an account with at least one purchase, otherwise you won't be able to participate. Sorry we called you buckaroo.