Derby #203: Red

Tell it to the Shirt!

Tell it to the Shirt!
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Re: Tell it to the Shirt!

Red means "Stop!" and a Red Hexagon means a "STOP Sign," ...but a hand in your face says, "Back off, Buddy, I know Karate, Judo and several more Japanese words!"

Wear this attire when you go out with friends and don't want to be bothered by Pick-up Master Pete. The message you send will be in Black and White and will be Red by the rest of his boy band buddies on this Classic Cranberry Cocktail Shirt.

Or, if you've had an tiff with the Richard & he's "Staring at the cartoon dog" and not gonna "Git any," 2nite! "Cool your jets, Pal! I need Jewelry!"

Don't wear this on your date with Huge Ackman.

I was "staring at the cartoon dog" (5hr. posting probation) for re-posting photos in Tattles. I guess NOBODY likes being told what to do, even Rejectionators.

I did predict it in a PM to J5. Called it, didn't I, Johnny?

I did this cuz I didn't see the "Stop Sign!" So, it's appropriate, so feel free to tell me how Javatarded it is. Enjoy the drama. Free with the entry fee.

I'm liking this more, everytime I look at it!


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Re: Tell it to the Shirt!

+1 for stones.

I have a shirt catalog, y'all!


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j5 wrote:+1 for stones.

I love The Stones! My Stones got rejected.

Props J5! You're all right, Dude.

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