Derby #204: I ❤ Books!

Face Book Picture

Face Book Picture
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Re: Face Book Picture

gotta have this shirt!

William L Bomberger


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Re: Face Book Picture

thanks for the votes and comments


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Re: Face Book Picture

Very funny shirt! I could never wear it though because I am one of the very few people that...

...wait for it...

...waaaaait fooor iiit...


Then again, since all my friends know that it might make having it as a shirt all the MORE amusing! Either way, GMV for funny, original idea. Nice work.


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Re: Face Book Picture

Woot needs more stuff like this! The top shirts completely suck lately and I couldn't really see any of the weirdos voting for them wearing em'. This, on the other hand, is fantastic! Keep up the good work and hopefully you get some top spots soon!

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