Derby #204: I ❤ Books!

Bi-curious George

No. And copyrighted character.

Rejected because: No. And copyrighted character.

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quality posts: 1 Private Messages Gertrudethemutilator
Re: Bi-curious George

I think this concept is hilarious, but would like to see it executed a little more subtly.

Life is like a box of chocolates, the good stuff's all gone, the rest will go eventually.


quality posts: 24 Private Messages taternuggets
Re: Bi-curious George

I lol'ed at this one but suspected that rejection was coming.

Nothing follows.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages blinddog3d
Re: Bi-curious George

Yeah, no gradrents.... ssssPla-hatttt!XD
*milk shoots out my nose*

Did ya just wanna get a laugh? Thanks for the comic relief. VOTE!



quality posts: 39 Private Messages BootsBoots


quality posts: 0 Private Messages gmbisogno
BootsBoots wrote:Lol!

It was too funny to pass up. Please vote for my other shirt.

"Watership Down"

Thanks GMB


quality posts: 7 Private Messages marzipanapple
Re: Bi-curious George

I got a good laugh out of this. I wonder what mischief he'll cause today?


quality posts: 0 Private Messages brushfire
Re: Bi-curious George

Teehee. Oh my!
I wish I could vote 4 this!
I would never wear it, but it certainly brought a smile 2my face. I don't know, it is on a ♥ blue shirt? ♥ Maybe I would wear it?


quality posts: 0 Private Messages glmwoot
Re: Bi-curious George

Frakkin' hilarious!

So, is George about to go in, or is the man in the yellow thong in there?


quality posts: 0 Private Messages zalameria
Re: Bi-curious George

simply great! too bad about the rejection

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