Derby #209: Fairy Tales

On Being Prepared

On Being Prepared
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Re: On Being Prepared

This time, she was properly equipped.


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Re: On Being Prepared

This is cool.

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quality posts: 1 Private Messages endeszbet
Re: On Being Prepared

Very cool. Took me a minute to pick out Red's face - might want to go for a few minor "hey that's a face!" cues there, such as a little bit of shade for a nose or a closed-mouth one sided grin in a slash of red, or some indicator for eyes. The idea of having her face blank is good, but got lost in the overall design for me. *2 cents*


quality posts: 1 Private Messages Lagbert
Re: On Being Prepared

I really like this design - great use of negative space and very nice boiling down of the characters to simple forms.

Two criticisms:

It would be nice to see this vectorized so some of the edges (like the wolf's teeth) could be sharp.

The halftones look really spotty - they could be made a lot smoother I bet


quality posts: 7 Private Messages laggyg
Re: On Being Prepared

I'm kind-of reminded of the demon dog thing in the Hellsing anime that Alucard turns into at points. Very cool design. GMV =)


quality posts: 0 Private Messages smcallister
Re: On Being Prepared

Nicely done Waffles. I hope to see more.

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