Derby #213: Dog Days

The butcher's dog

The butcher's dog
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quality posts: 7 Private Messages gement
Re: The butcher's dog

Innovative, but I confess myself squicked out. And probably avoiding sausage for the day. :D


quality posts: 37 Private Messages endangeredomega
Re: The butcher's dog

Though one could argue that these are sausage links, it may face rejection under the 'no hot dogs' rule. Shame, as it's executed quite well.


quality posts: 12 Private Messages mrwednesday
Re: The butcher's dog

Yeah, this walks a fine line with the rules but the execution is top notch. Really well done.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages elmosuperman
Re: The butcher's dog

I just like the design too much not to vote. Kinda crazy though.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages fossilgirl1
Re: The butcher's dog

You got my vote with his face but the rest of it makes me wish I didn't like his face so much.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages psychotik

Thanks for your comments guys, they're much appreciated! I've just discovered this website, so I'm kind of testing the water ;)


quality posts: 1 Private Messages mverc
Re: The butcher's dog

This is great, I am very surprised it doesn't have more votes. +1

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