Derby #214: Double-Take Derby 14

Candy Sacrifice

Candy Sacrifice
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Re: Candy Sacrifice

Get up there, oh tiny sun worshiper! Go go go!!! +1!

I guess I can also start the early EC chanting here... :D :D :D LOVE this one, guys!


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Re: Candy Sacrifice

I didn't see this the first time around but it's got my vote now. So much awesomeness.


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Thank you for the bigger version, Spirit!

I'm really proud of this one.


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Re: Candy Sacrifice

Fantastic! +1


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how do i vote?


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fredmaron36 wrote:how do i vote?

You have to have made a purchase from any woot site to be able to vote. After you've made a purchase, you'll see a little "I'd want one" you can click over each shirt entry.

Nothing follows.


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Re: Candy Sacrifice

This is great. Nice work.

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Whoa there buckaroo!

If you wanna vote, you need to first. Be sure to using an account with at least one purchase, otherwise you won't be able to participate. Sorry we called you buckaroo.