Derby #214: Double-Take Derby 14

Chemists' Tree

Chemists' Tree
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This shirt took forever to design so I thought I would explain it further. From the petri dish experiment the DNA strand grows and blossoms into all 118 modern known elements. The element falling from the tree is uranium, the heaviest naturally occurring element. Each element chip is color coded to where if disassembled and reassembled a correctly color coded periodic table would form. The molecular structure (branches) represent: Vancomycim - The antibiotic of last resort.

In other words... it's pretty geeky!

Thanks for viewing. I hope you enjoy and Please vote.


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Re: Chemists' Tree

How did I miss this one the first time around? This is BEAUTIFUL! (And a pun, to boot!) Love it!


quality posts: 5 Private Messages logicalcupcake
Re: Chemists' Tree

Wow, I love the thought you put into this! Great design.


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Re: Chemists' Tree

GMV!!! I would love this, being a Chem major and all... Hopes this wins!

Woot Woot!

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