Derby #217: Hipster Animals

Camels Are Cool

Camels Are Cool
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Re: Camels Are Cool

Swish! Camels and Fezes and Bowties are cool. Midgerock is cool. vote vote vote. That is all. (good luck, mr. midgerock!)


quality posts: 63 Private Messages j5
Re: Camels Are Cool

Something about the eye makes him look mad, in both sense of the term.

I have a shirt catalog, y'all!


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Re: Camels Are Cool

this is what I came up with. And here is the thought process of how this design came into being:

-First person that came to mind was the 11th doctor who wears a bow tie and has the hipster swope hair. wears tight skinny suits and pants.

-He likes telling others what is "cool".
--"Bowties are cool"
--"Fezes are cool".
--This is pretty much the attitude of the hipster, they know what cool is, and you don't.

-Hipsters tend to be know-it-alls.
-The Doctor is a annoying know-it-all and loves to let you know what he knows...
i.e. hipster.

-in conclusion: the 11th doctor is a hipster.

The 11th doctor's face looks like a camel's.

that is the thought process which led to this design.
please vote and thanks for those "who" voted.


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Re: Camels Are Cool

I thoroughly approve. You are not alone in this opinion.


quality posts: 12 Private Messages dmaz
Re: Camels Are Cool

Would definitely wear this +1!


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dmaz wrote:Would definitely wear this +1!

Totally captured Smith's dogmatic hipster charm...he makes the camel look good :D
Great work!

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