Derby #217: Hipster Animals

The Ironic Patriot

The Ironic Patriot
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quality posts: 0 Private Messages elmosuperman

I think this design looks good on a shirt. GMV


quality posts: 20 Private Messages missmelis
Re: The Ironic Patriot

I like the totem-ish look of this.

The goodness of the true pun is in the direct ratio of its intolerability. - Edgar Allan Poe


quality posts: 4 Private Messages ressamac
Re: The Ironic Patriot

Thank you for the support, elmosuperman and missmellis!


quality posts: 461 Private Messages lonelypond
Re: The Ironic Patriot

very different, very cool

Like Poe? Of course you do, you're here ; ) Try my new mystery novel:

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