Derby #218: New Landmarks

Home Land Security

No celebrity likeness

Rejected because: No celebrity likeness

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quality posts: 71 Private Messages walmazan
Re: Home Land Security

hahaha! Better if I vote! +1


quality posts: 1 Private Messages shikausstan
Re: Home Land Security

I think this is an unfair entry... Chuck Norris never loses.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages tonythai1981
shikausstan wrote:I think this is an unfair entry... Chuck Norris never loses.

Hahahaha Chuck Norris makes the world a safer place!


quality posts: 12 Private Messages mrwednesday
Re: Home Land Security

I like the execution and the quirkiness of the design though I'm pretty sure it doesn't pass the "no celebrity likenesses" rule. Of all of them, I think woot has always been the most harsh and consistent with that one.


quality posts: 59 Private Messages MathUhhhSaurus
Re: Home Land Security

Woot's going to get a roundhouse kick in the face for rejecting Chuck Norris lol

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