Derby #226: Math in Nature

Hidden in Plain Sight

Hidden in Plain Sight
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On the bright side, I feel less like puking after I submit this. On the downside, this is only my second time submitting so I still feel kind of pukey. On the even more downy downside, I don't know a thing about math.

However, I learned a few things in my quest for design subject matter! Leaves have fractals, dragonflies wings are pretty good examples of voronoi diagrams, and sunflower seed thingies are decent representations of a Fibonacci spiral. Non-math brained people like me wouldn't be able to tell the difference until we looked it up on wikipedia, of course, so I thought I'd take the idea of these things being hidden despite being so obvious and run with it.

Now, I'm hoping that it translates all right and they are subtle as opposed to completely lost. The things I put in my image are meant to be loose interpretations more than anything. Also I know that a dragonfly probably wouldn't be hanging out with a sunflower, but I didn't expect bugs to be made of math either so I can afford to go a little crazy.


Click for a better look!


Thank you and have a pleasant day!


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Oh yeah. Did I mention this shirt has 5 colors in its design and it's on delicious cranburry? I don't think I did! KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!


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Re: Hidden in Plain Sight

I like your colour choices.


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anemality wrote:On the bright side, I feel less like puking...
I didn't expect bugs to be made of math...

Too funny! And choke that down - this is nice! I'm no math geek either, hitting Google like there's no tomorrow, checking out all the references here. Take a Pepto and rest assured - this is on-theme, and really nicely done, to boot. I particularly like the way the halftones on the dragonfly's wings work against the shirt color.
Derbys like this a the Science one a while back - they make you think, no? Not ever a bad thing to learn something new.


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Re: Hidden in Plain Sight

This is the kind of thing I was expecting to see when I saw the derby theme - but I mean that in a good way. I'm not saying it's predictable, just that it's simple enough for even a not-terribly-mathy person like me to comprehend. Another solid entry - please keep submitting!!

The goodness of the true pun is in the direct ratio of its intolerability. - Edgar Allan Poe


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Re: Hidden in Plain Sight

This is an incredible design - love the colors, too. Hope this does better soon.

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