Derby #227: Sci-Fi Kawaii

The Monster of Danger Beach

The Monster of Danger Beach
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They created it. They watched it grow. They knew the terrors it was capable of. Never did they suspect that it would escape, bent on sowing a path of death, destruction, and ...cuddles. :3

His new friend seems totally okay with the fact that he cleared the beach. And ate someone. More room to build sandcastles, right? HIGH FIVE.

Six colors on navy, which is exactly who they'll be calling. Or the coastguard. Maybe Martin Brody. I have a soft spot for those horrible sci-fi movies with ridiculous monsters that are really hybrids of real-life animals. I also have a soft spot for sharktobearpusses. This one is clearly a polar sharktobearpuss, obviously, escaped from a government laboratory in...I dunno, Alaska?

Two shirts will probably NOT be a regular thing from me, but I had wicked insomnia last night/this morning.

Click here for a better look, but don't get bitten!


Thank you and don't go in the water.


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Re: The Monster of Danger Beach

I'd see this film, I think the star sunglasses make it.


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Re: The Monster of Danger Beach

This is far more imaginative than many subs this week. And the 'shiny' on it is, well - Shiny!


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