Derby #229: Roleplaying in Everyday Life

roll players only

roll players only
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quality posts: 47 Private Messages ApeLad
Re: roll players only

I can only assume there are conventions devoted to people dressing up like specific kinds of food.


quality posts: 3 Private Messages yellowflower
Re: roll players only

I really love the design, but I'm not super into it being on the yellow shirt. I'll definitely give it a vote, but the yellow would stop me from buying it if it prints.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages charlasek
Re: roll players only

OCH! MISTLETOE FRENCHING? GROSS! I love this. I'm cracking up!


quality posts: 1 Private Messages heathenflower
Re: roll players only

I wish this was getting more votes. I love it!


quality posts: 2 Private Messages ldvaughn
Re: roll players only

Yeah, I agree, Love it. I'm not a huge fan of the color, but I love the design so much I can completely ignore that. Same goes for the "iTroll" shirt. I love it and I swear it's not getting the votes it deserves. Cracks me up.

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