Derby #229: Roleplaying in Everyday Life

Final Fantasy Football

Final Fantasy Football
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quality posts: 9 Private Messages DivineAna
Re: Final Fantasy Football

Whenever people around me start talking about fantasy football, I perk up at the word "fantasy" and deflate when I realize they're talking about sports.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages sagakun
Re: Final Fantasy Football

This is just awesome! The White Mage and Black Mage are especially perfectly rendered/stylized! <3 This shirt.


quality posts: 4 Private Messages stingray69
Re: Final Fantasy Football

I'm playing fantasy football for the first time this year and I kept saying "final fantasy football" on accident so I finally gave into it. I've been looking for a shirt that renders it properly.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages amozarte
Re: Final Fantasy Football

Best design I've seen this Derby.

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